Discovering (day or half day)

  • Overcoming the vertigo
  • Learning to climb safely
  • Understanding basis and how to use the gear

Progressing in climbing (day or cycle)

  • Assessing strengths and weaknesses
  • Getting keys to progress
  • Gaining in autonomy


Discovering big walls (half day)
Beginners, I make you feel multi pitch climb sensations.

Big walls (day)
You know how to climb but you can't lead a multi pitch climb ? I am your guide.

Leading a multi pith climb (cycle)
You're already a 5+/6a climber. You want to know security rope handling, read and understand a topo, follow a route and have the appropriate attitude ? Follow a session with pratice and theory. You will be able to lead a multi pitch route.


mythic Canyons of the Alps
you know how to swim ? You have all the required skills to discover the canyon.
Let's follow the most beautiful canyons together.


Big wall sensations for everyone
Want to know the feelings of having your feet far from the earth without being a climber ? Come and try the via-ferrata.