My climbing experience

Born in the North of France, I discovered mountain during holidays with my parents. Then, I decided to live there.
I practiced rock climbing in associations during my engineer studies and during my first years of work.
I moved in Grenoble in 2003 where I spend all my free time to climb, if possible in mountain. That's why I know very well the crags of the Grenoble area.
As I wanted rock climbing to be a job, I became graduated as an instructor in 2012.

My practice

There is a lot of way of climbing. Everyone doesn't climb for the same goal. Some climbs as competitors on an artificial wall. For some others, climbing is a tool that permits to ride on mountains. Between those two conceptions, there's a lot of way of climbing. That makes the wealth of this activity.
Although I believe that the artificial wall is a fantastic tool that allows to make fast and durable progresses, it just stays a training means for me. My climbing practice is overall the one of a mountaineer. Performance is a secondary aspect of pleasure. The main source of satisfaction is to share good times in nature.
For that reason, I prefer to bring you to less crowded crags and unknown routes.